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Regional cuisine in the Hotel Hubertus

Local & simply good

Regional is not a trend, but a mind-set

Regional and sustainable are words of our time. But at the end of the day it is important to put these words into action in our daily lives. For these reasons, in the Hotel Hubertus, we try and reduce packaging to the minimum, large jars and containers help to avoid rubbish and many products are sourced on site or homemade. This philosophy is carried out throughout the menu. From schnaps, that is distilled by a family member, to meat and sausage from our own hunting ground to the trout and char from the local fishing pond.

“We cook without frills. We cook fresh. Simple and good.”
Markus Wolf, Host in the Hotel Hubertus

Local prducts

From the Schneider family dairy

From bees from Lech

From Lech farmer Huber.

From the Walch bakery in Lech.

Homemade with lots of love

From Lech when available.

Fresh trout and char from the fishing pond in Lech

Distilled schnaps from rowan berries, apricot and pear. And naturally homemade schnaps from pine cones.

From the hunting ground from the hosts father. Sausages and speck are also homemade.

Regional counts, not only in the kitchen
Regional counts, not only in the kitchen

At the Hotel Hubertus, the regional philosophy is not only evident in the food. But in all areas. The hosts attach great importance to sustainability. For example, the Hotel Hubertus is heated with regional energy from one of the four biomass heating plants in the region. This is good for the environment and, thanks to the local orientation, also particularly crisis-proof. The high-speed internet is also operated by a local company.

Thanks to the fibre optic connections, you will always enjoy fast and interference-free internet at the Hotel Hubertus. In addition, you will find beauty products from Resa Wants from Lech in our hotel. The lotions and creams are make from regional herbs.

Relaxing moments in Hotel Hubertus
New: Our wellness area
New: Our wellness area
New: Our wellness area

Our wellness area in the Hotel Hubertus, with its warm-bank, infra-red cabin, sole inhalation, steam bath and sauna, offer a healthy, pleasant and refreshing time after skiing or hiking.

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14.07.2023 till 25.09.2023

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Lech am Arlberg

With sunshine and panoramic views, Lech is one of the most attractive holiday destinations for a summer or winter holiday. Regardless of whether it is skiing on over 305 km of slopes, or simply on a family hike in summer. Discover the versatility of Lech. Whether in summer or winter.

Your stay in Hotel Hubertus Lech
Worth knowing
Your stay in Hotel Hubertus Lech
Worth knowing